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  • Repair, supply and install all faucets, plumbing fixtures, toilets, sinks, vanities, dishwashers, washer/dryers and outside faucets
  • Install water supply and drainage piping and valves
  • Clean sewer mains with our specialized electric equipment 

                                   Residential      Commercial 

       K-1500                    $175                  $250
       K-50                        $155                  $250
       K-30                        $155                  $250

       *All prices are plus tax

  • Repair and install domestic hot water tanks
  • Clean and unclog drains with our electric drain cleaning process
  • Install sump pumps, sewage pumps and water pumps
  • Repair and install both UV and osmosis water filtration systems



Plumbing Heating & Ventilation can provide plumbing services in Truro and the surrounding areas for both residential and commercial customers. We can perform a variety of plumbing services, from routine maintenance and repairs to installation of fixtures, pipes and water filtration systems. We are backed by a team of fully bonded technicians to get you the professional service you require. Our team can offer all of the following plumbing services:

  • Install water fountains
  • Repair and install public restroom toilets/urinals
  • Install riser valves for multi-unit residences and apartment buildings



In addition to the services listed above, we can also offer specialized services for businesses, including:



We also have an excavator that we can bring on-site to complete piping for waterlines and drainage and we can extend wells above ground level so they are easier to access for future repairs. We truly are your plumbing experts. Give us a call today.

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