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A professional sewer camera inspection is suggested when:

  • Purchasing a property
  • Detecting drain and sewer lines
  • Planning for adding a bathroom(s)
  • Sewer lines are blocked as a result of the growth of tree roots
  • Broken or dysfunctional pipes are spotted and require replacement or servicing
  • Drains are clogged due to grease buildup or other reasons

The latest advanced technology that we use in our sewer camera inspection services makes us stand out among our competitors in Truro. Kelsy-s Plumbing, Heating & Ventilation's commitment to delivering high quality work is met across all our projects largely because we pay meticulous attention to all details (small or big) of whatever project we undertake. If you want to find out what's happening to your sewer lines, you can rely on a sewer camera inspection service.


Call us now and book your inspection with one of our professionally trained plumbers.



A sewer camera has an inbuilt high-resolution colour video camera that yields clarity and proper detection. Such cameras are highly flexible and have the ability to travel through your sewer lines. When an inspection process is carried out, the plumber will position the camera in a way that enables him to see through your pipes. This, in turn, saves precious time, effort and money. Thus, the plumber can view the live video images that are transmitted through the camera and assess the condition inside the drain or sewer line almost immediately. In case there is a severe problem, it will get detected as the video camera would not be able to go through any further.


Accurate Diagnostic Procedure


Earlier, the plumbers had to depend merely on the knowledge or experience when detecting the sewer line problems. However, a sewer line camera inspection is a game-changer. This makes it possible for the plumber to make an effective and accurate diagnosis in one go. Consequently, the problem gets detected instantly and more efficiently.


Another remarkable benefit of such an approach is that it makes you aware of the possible reasons for the problem. Knowing the cause would help prevent a similar situation the second time, especially if it stems out of our own habits. So, it turns out to be highly advantageous to homeowners by saving their precious time and money.

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